Minute Meditations


We Need a Sabbath Mind

We are reminded of the truth of the creation—that our work, though called and needed, is not necessary. The world will continue without us and came long before us. Our work is to live from and with these gifts so that we can use what time we have, what little time we have, to tend their flourishing rather than exploit them for the gains that will soon fade with the rot. The practice of Sabbath also has the effect of elevating the value of labor and of the people engaged in it. It is not a break so that we might become renewed and refreshed for more work, but is rather a time when we live in the simple reality that we are creatures whose lives are given by God. On the Sabbath, we are able to be apart from our achievements.

—from the book Wendell Berry and the Given Life by Ragan Sutterfield

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The Eucharist Shows Us God's Humility

Francis discovered the humility of God through his encounter with Jesus Christ, especially the Christ on the cross. He described the mystery of the triune God as sublime and humble, ineffable and immanent, a mystery of opposites, which he grasped through his insight to Christ as Son, Word and wisdom of the Father. The most profound expression of God’s humility for Francis was in the Eucharist and he described this mystery of God’s humble presence, this “Body of Christ,” as the principal sacrament of God and the means of relationship to God.

—from the book The Humility of God: A Franciscan Perspective  by Ilia Delio, OSF

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