Terra Sancta: A Pilgrim's Guide to the Holy Land

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Terra Sancta: A Pilgrim's Guide to the Holy Land

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Here is an introduction to the holy places of Jesus's life, death, and resurrection. These timeless treasures are the birthplace of Christianity, presented by the Franciscan friars who have helped preserve and enliven these sites for hundreds of years. City by city, site by site, breathtaking photography and informative narrative will take you on an "armchair pilgrimage" through the land of the Bible—a journey sure to inspire any believer.

This wide-ranging, full-length program (21 sites) offers a choice of narrative in any of five languages (Italian, English, Spanish, French, and German), along with computer-generated maps and illustrations that enhance these breathtaking images of the Holy Land.

One DVD/3 hours, 40 minutes

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