Sister Mother Earth: Franciscan Roots of the Laudato Si

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This book introduces us to the Franciscan vision of ecology which, in many respects, seems to have inspired the encyclical Laudato Si. It emphasizes the need to overcome the current throwaway culture, which fosters the Well-Having over Well-Being and breaks the ties that bind us to creatures. Francis of Assisi is a universal model for all those who seek to live in harmony with nature. The Franciscan school has formulated, in philosophical and theological terms, St. Francis’s intuitions, laying the foundations of a fraternal and cordial ecology. We can no longer regard ourselves as dominators or stewards but as brothers, joyfully responsible for the common home.   Stock #: I9801

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Sister, Mother, Earth: Franciscan Roots of Laudato Si

This book is exactly what I was hoping it would be. For awhile now, I've thought that Pope Francis' Encyclical, Laudato Si echoes Saint Francis of Assissi's Canticle of Creation. This book draws out the similarities in both & demonstrates clearly where Saint Francis' influence is most in evidence. It is such a good read that I am rationing myself to ensure I read & study it in bits in order to understand its significance for me as a new Catholic & in my role as a Global Catholic Climate Movement Laudato Si Animator. Janyce Elser-Ethier, Russell, Ontario, Canada March 22/2020

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I enjoy reading this a little each day as it's very relaxing

Martin Carbajo Nuñez, OFM, is a visiting professor at the Franciscan School of Theology in San Diego, California.

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