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When faced with difficulties, our response is typically poorer than we would like and is often a result of the way we were raised. But what if we could learn a new way to respond to the difficult situations of our lives? The Bible holds powerful keys to see our situations from God’s perspective, and it is full of action items that can lead us into a deeper trust in God.In this book, author Jeff Cavins first focuses on what biblical praise is and how you can expand your praise vocabulary in order to face any difficulty life brings. In the second part of the book, he discusses thanksgiving, the attitude of gratitude that is the natural expression of praise. Jeff includes practical tips on incorporating thanksgiving into daily life.Praise God and Thank Him will provide a scriptural understanding of praise and thanksgiving, along with how to practically apply both into your own life. You’ll learn: How to develop a vocabulary of praise How to praise God in the midst of adversity How a thankful attitude can change your day How thanksgiving dispels fear and anxiety You’ll grow in your knowledge of the Bible as Jeff shares the keys to living a truly joyful life. Stock # A36787 (9781616367879) This is a downloadable audio book you will receive instructions for downloading this product once your transaction is complete.
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Sister Mary Frances Maher
Praise God & Thank Him by Jeff Cavins

This is the first time I've listened to a book and I am happy that I persevered as I found it to reinforce what I was hearing in my retreat. My retreat was on The Eucharist and Jeff's remarks echoed what Father said in his homilies and conferences. Adoration, Nourishment, Transformation, Offering, Sharing our faith... it is all in the book and it is all about being a joy- filled Catholic. Father says we're not perfect, we're flawed, but we're forgiven. Gratitude is one of the keys that Jeff speaks about and that is where we start with God...thanking Him for the little as well as the big things. God is so good!

Can't open file?

I haven't listened to it yet, but after it downloads, you'll find it in the "music" app on your phone, since it's an mp3 file.
I always enjoy Jeff Cavins' books/videos!

Thank you! It DOES work!

Once it was in my shopping cart, I created an account and I was able to download it. It does have a button for shipping, but right above it there's another button, which I clicked and forgot the name of. After that, I clicked "download now". It does download completely free of charge, no payment info was given from my part. Thanks!! I love Jeff Cavins!!

wally watson
free download

despite what you told Theresa it still doesn't work. if i am down;loading a free gift of audio, what ae you shipping and why? what does it download to? an iPad? not working.

shipping on free download???

When ordering it's charging me $8 shipping on a free download. I'm sure you don't intend to. Maybe someone needs to tweak the shopping cart.

This has been fixed, Ginger! Our sincerest apologies for the confusion. If it still does not work, please empty your shopping cart and place it back in to the cart. Clearing your browser's cache may also need to be done. We hope this helps.

Jeff Cavins is the creator of the popular Great Adventure Bible Study series. He is the founding host of EWTN’s weekly program Life on the Rock. He is a lecturer and the author of several books, including Walking with God: A Journey through the Bible. He leads annual pilgrimages to the Holy Land with his wife, Emily.

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