Loaded: Money and the Spirituality of Enough

published by Franciscan Media | Trade Paperback | 144 pages
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In Loaded: Money and the Spirituality of Enough, lawyer-turned-writer Heather King shares her own recovery around money as well as the stories of others who have worked to reverse self-defeating patterns and move on to a healthy, mindful relationship with money. In an approach that’s very much informed by Jesus’s many words on the subject, she offers simple, proactive and transformative steps you can take to heed the Gospel’s call in your own life. The language of Loaded will be familiar to those in recovery for addictions of various kinds, and easily accessible to those who aren’t. Wherever you fall on the spectrum between freedom and bondage around money, these stories and tools will help. And the underlying principles—clarity, honesty, the confluence of will and grace—apply in every area of our lives.   Stock #: B36959

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Elisabeth P. Rosen
A well-needed corrective

I sent off for this title as, I hoped, a correction to my sense that in the past 18 months I have come to think entirely too much about money! Yes, it was COVID 19 and, in my case, other serious issues I needed to deal with. Still, I so disliked having my thoughts taken over by anxiety about money and thus, the desire/need to make more of it. Just needed to go back to the Gospels, and this book helped. NOTE: Signed only, "ER, Ross, CA."

Jill Pike
Very insightful

The book is an honest collection of memoirs and reflections on the author’s relationship with money, success, relationships, jealousy and spirituality. King is an excellent writer and her book struck many chords with me. I revisit it often when I need to reevaluate my relationship with money.

Lidia Garcia
Loaded: Money and the Spirituality of Enough

The book wasn't what I expected. I thought it would be about what our attitude should be towards money but it was more like the author's personal story.

Taryn Oesch

Never received it

barbara lyons
Loaded: Money and the Spirituality of Enough

I was very disappointed in this book; it did not contain the material I was expecting from my reading of the preview. Not recommended.

Heather King is the author of Stumble: Virtue, Vice, and the Space Between as well as the memoirs Parched; Redeemed; Shirt of Flame; Poor Baby; and Stripped: Cancer, Culture and the Cloud of Unknowing. She lives in Los Angeles, speaks nationwide, contributes regularly to Magnificat.

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