The Fragment

published by Franciscan Media | Trade Paperback | 176 pages
$ 14.99
It’s 1923, and Paris is beginning to recover from the ravages of World War I and the Spanish Flu Epidemic. Naïve young American Muriel Ross stumbles into a plum assignment photographing antiques for a globetrotting U.S. senator. But events take a dangerous turn when she discovers that her employer is on a mission far more momentous—and potentially deadly—than a mere shopping trip. Soon, Muriel is enmeshed in a covert alliance dedicated to authenticating a fragment of the True Cross—and protecting it from those who will stop at nothing to steal and discredit it.

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Customer Reviews

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When I read and review a book my default review style lends itself towards critical analysis. Sometimes this leads me to receiving critical responses :). I found The Fragment impossible to review in this manner.

It didn’t feel at all natural to stop reading in order to take notes as I often do. I was carried along on an ethereal journey. The search, the mystery… it is all filled with such beauty forged from joy, surprise, delight, longing, heartache and pain. In all honesty, I can not adequately explain the feeling that it invoked in me. I wish that I could as that is my “job”. But then again, isn’t that the mark of a truly good book? To be taken outside of yourself and be in the journey. Davis Bunn is in every way an expert writer as he excels in this.

Our protagonist Muriel is a creative soul who sees what most others do not. She sees deeply into the heart of the people around her and so she sees the strength and beauty of the French people recovering from the staggering wounds of the Great War. Muriel is rare. Additionally, Muriel is a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and is wise in thought and deed. Her insights and photographs are soulful, gritty, real, fascinating, and intuitive. The Fragment as a story is one that I found beautiful in the same way that Muriel's view of the French people through the lens of her camera is beautiful.

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Wonderful historical fiction

This book was a thoroughly enjoyable adventure! I highly recommend this and all Davis Bunn's books. I look forward to each one.
I was given a copy of this book by Franciscan Media in exchange for my honest review.

Belief in the Face of Adversity

There are writers, or authors, if you prefer, and then there are masters of storytelling. Davis Bunn is in the latter category. His latest, “The Fragment”, is a pared down to the basics tale that speaks of a trust in God that stands strong and tall in the face of anything this world can throw. It speaks to me of the foundation a walk with God can give each of us to weather any storm and live our belief in all segments of our lives. I always enjoy the personal relationships Davis introduces into his stories, because for me as a reader, I look for and relish the character studies in books that define us as fallible human beings.

Thank you, Lord, for speaking through Davis. And thank you, Davis, for letting God come thru.

Cranson Horst
Brooklyn, MS

I rate this book at five stars and highly recommend it to any reader wanting a story with action blended with personal reflections on why we as humans act, think, believe, and talk like we do.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Franciscan Media in exchange for my honest review.

Mystery, faith, and adventure

From Chanel in Paris to the Orient Express, Davis Bunn's latest novel set in the 1920s is full of all the things that I have come to expect from his writing - mystery and action with solid faith themes. It was short, easy to read, but still engaging. Muriel's quest for the reliquary is a story that I will enjoy sharing with my family and friends.

What Davis is so gifted at doing as a writer is transporting you to the places he writes about. I didn't merely sit on my sofa and read about Muriel in Chanel. It felt as if I was really there. His descriptions are so vivid that is as if I stepped through a door and into Muriel's world. The other thing I really love about Davis's writing is that he has such keen insight into people and culture. His characters have depth to them, and they often feel like real people and not just characters. His descriptions of the cultures and political climates of the time are well researched and historically accurate. While he writes fiction, it rings true to what really happened.

I was also challenged by Muriel's perception. As a photographer, she has keen insight into people. She saw faith, despair, longing, distrust, and hope on the faces of those she saw through the camera lens. It made me think about how often I walk through life without ever seeing who is around me. I always find myself challenged to grow after reading one of Davis's novels.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Franciscan Media in exchange for my honest review.

Hardly Fragmented

It is 1923, after the events of World War I in which Paris is rebuilding. Muriel Ross is Tom Bryant's personal aide in helping to bolster their walk of faith. Charles Fouchet is a war veteran sworn to protect Muriel Ross and Tom Bryant no matter the cost.

Muriel Ross, a young woman in the employ of the Smithsonian Institute, is being hosted by U.S. Sentaor Tom Bryant in Paris. Her expertise in reliquaries, ancient artifacts, is of import to him. She is also an avid photographer who loves taking pictures of real life. And it is this reason the Caliph in Constantinople needs her help in making sure their reliquary is in fact the right one.

The Fragment is fraught from start to finish with high stakes, non-stop action mixed with heart pounding action. It is the second book by Davis Bunn following his previous book The Pilgrim.

I give this book a five star rating due to the fact it's well written, and it's based on actual history of the Ottoman Empire.

Davis Bunn has authored books with sales over seven million copies translated into twenty languages for twenty-four years. Bunn's book Lion of Babylon was named Best Book of the year in 2011. The follow up, Rare Earth, won Bunn his fourth Christy Award for Excellence in Fiction in 2013.

Disclaimer - I received a complimentary copy of this book from Franciscan Media l in exchange for my honest review.

Davis Bunn, a professional novelist for twenty-four years, has sales in excess of seven million copies in twenty languages. He has appeared on numerous national bestseller lists, and his titles have been Main or Featured Selections with every major U.S. bookclub. Davis serves as Writer-In-Residence at Regent’s Park College, Oxford University, and has served as lecturer in Oxford’s new creative writing program. In 2011, his novel Lion of Babylon was named a Best Book of the Year by Library Journal. The sequel, Rare Earth, won Davis his fourth Christy Award for Excellence in Fiction in 2013. In 2014, Davis was granted the Lifetime Achievement award by the Christy board of judges.

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