150 North American Martyrs You Should Know

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In this compelling new book, Brian O’Neel tells the stories of martyrs associated with North America. Some are from other countries and died in their attempts to spread the faith on this continent. Some were born on this continent but died doing missionary work in other lands. Some were individual martyrs, and some were part of an heroic group. Some were “white martyrs” who, although they did not shed their blood for the faith, suffered much for the spread of their faith. Stock #: T36551

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Lorraine Okeson
150 North American martyrs

Very good. In the early days of our country, when people had to work hard at just staying alive, I didn't expect there was much record keeping. But the author uncovered horrifying information about deaths of early Catholics. I expect I will learn a lot more as the stories progress. It will probably take me another three month to complete the book. I am most looking forward to those who were contemporaries.

Douglas Dulli
150 North American martyrs

Meh. I could only wade through 50 pages or so. Maybe it got better after that…

Karen Staerk
WOW so much detail.Loved it

I was so surprised to see all the details about our North American Martyrs. It is so sad to see that this happened and "civilized"? country.

Donna Lybrand

Love reading about the lives of the saints. So inspiring.

John Morrisette

150 North American Martyrs You Should Know

Brian O’Neel is a frequent guest on the EWTN and Relevant Radio networks. A write and editor, Brian lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and six children. He is the author of 39 New Saints You Should Know and Saint Who? 39 Holy Unknowns.

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