Caring for Creation: Inspiring Words from Pope Francis

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Publisher: Franciscan Media (2016)
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Pope Francis, formerly Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, SJ, served the Jesuits as novice master, lecturer, provincial, confessor, and spiritual director before Pope John Paul II named him archbishop of Buenos Aires. He was elected to the papacy in 2013. He is the first pope from the Americas and the first pope to choose the name Francis, in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Alicia (Ramírez de Arellano) von Stamwitz is an award-winning freelance author and longtime editor. Her essays and interviews with today’s most influential spiritual leaders are published internationally. She is also the editor of The Blessing of Family: Inspiring Words of Pope Francis and The Spirit of St. Francis: Inspiring Words from Pope Francis. For more information, visit 


In Laudato Si’, Pope Francis shows how we need to listen, observe and engage everything that makes up our common home, not only with the intelligence of the market, profit and gains; but also with the intelligence of the heart, solidarity, compassion and care, especially towards the weak and poor. — Cardinal Peter K. A. Turkson, President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, Vatican

It is impossible to overstate the power of the Pope's words on creation and its care, in the landmark Laudato Si' and elsewhere. As this volume illustrates, he has put the full power of his papacy behind the most crucial challenge we've ever faced: slowing the ongoing and horrific overheating of the planet we were given to care for. — Bill McKibben, author, environmentalist, founder

These words, this message, this prophetic call from Pope Francis, are deeply inspiring and worth our reflection and serious consideration. I want to hear this message fully and take it to heart, and I urge others to do so, too, that we might all do what we can to help end environmental destruction and create a more nonviolent world. — Rev. John Dear, author, activist, Nobel Peace Prize nominee, co-founder

Meditate with Pope Francis on human dignity and the common good - what he calls "integral human ecology." Rejecting a "throw-away" attitude that only destroys, Pope Francis begins with praise to God our Creator (Laudato Si') for the precious gift of each person and all creation. With humble joy, we seek to follow his call to cherish every person and the earth we call home. — Most Reverend Joseph E. Kurtz, D.D., Archbishop of Louisville, President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

This presentation of the inspiring words of Pope Francis on the gift of creation and our abiding responsibility tocare for and cultivate our common home is a rich tapestry that weaves together threads from the multiple occasions when he has addressed this priority. By listening to creation, the Creator and one another, we are invited to contemplate and build on the interconnectedness that is the foundation of an integrated ecology. — Séamus Finn, OMI, Chief of Faith Consistent Investing, OIP Trust; Board Chair of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility; OMI USP JPIC Team

Caring for Creation: Inspiring Words from Pope Francis

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Caring for Creation: Inspiring Words from Pope Francis
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All-powerful God, you are present in the whole universe and in the smallest of your creatures. You embrace with your tenderness all that exists. Pour out upon us the power of your love, that we may protect life and beauty… —Pope Francis, “A Prayer for the Earth”

Since his inaugural Mass in March 2013, Pope Francis has frequently reminded a global audience that care for creation is among his highest priorities. As a world leader with a background in science who heads a two thousand-year-old Church, the pope is uniquely qualified to articulate a compelling vision and mission for the future. The writings, homilies, prayers, talks, and even tweets of Pope Francis in this book gather his most important and inspiring words about our shared responsibility to protect, nurture, and care for “our common home.”

The planet is in peril, the pope is telling us, along with the well being of the poor who depend on the earth’s natural resources. He chastises world leaders and challenges ordinary people, reminding us that our foolish actions and careless decisions are placing lives at risk. He decries our current assaults on the natural environment and warns of the consequences of climate change. Still, his message is always ultimately one of hope. In Caring for Creation, Pope Francis’s words reveal that he believes we can move towards a new kind of conversion—a higher level of consciousness, action, and advocacy that will spark “a bold cultural revolution.”

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