Jesus: What Catholics Believe

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What do Catholics really believe about Jesus? Dr. Alan Schreck offers a thorough answer to this question. Jesus is central to everything the Church believes and teaches, yet few people really understand the significance of who Jesus is in their own lives. Dr. Schreck explains when and how Jesus lived, what he taught, his human and divine nature, and how the Risen Jesus continues to act today in the sacraments, through the Holy Spirit, and in his people and ministers. Written in an engaging, straightforward style, this is a book for anyone wanting to know more about Jesus.Stock #: T36319

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Sharon K. Hall
Very thought-provoking book. I believe I received lots of insights from reading it.

This book is very profound yet also accessible reading for a lay woman like me. So many insights about Jesus. I benefitted from reading in the first part some reasons why all the Jewish people didn't become followers of Jesus. Also the arguments for Jesus' complete divinity and his complete humanity. One section particularly impacted upon me--Jesus descending to hell and preaching to the captives. Am intending to meditate upon Peter 4:6, John 5:25, Matthew 12:40, Romans 10:7 and Ephesians 4:9 as listed because this was a particularly hopeful section that, just because people haven't received adequate faith instruction--due to all the divisions in the Church today--they are not necessarily lost to Eternal Life with God. Also the last chapter on the earliest divisions in Christianity was particularly enlightening too. It has led me to order a couple of books on the Council of Chalcedon from amazon because the subject of how the Bishops discerned through the Holy Spirit that Jesus is completely divine and yet completely human really is important to Christianity, even today I believe, as, particularly Protestantism, splinters and all the theologians try to wrap their minds around the identity of Jesus. This book is truly a very compelling read and I am thankful that Franciscan Media has made it available to us.

DR. ALAN SCHRECK is a professor of theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville, specializing in Catholic doctrine, Church history, and the teachings of Vatican II. He is the author of several books including Catholic and Christian: An Explanation of Commonly Misunderstood Catholic Beliefs and The Compact History of the Catholic Church. He and his wife, Nancy, have raised five children and reside in Steubenville.

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