Unlikely Spiritual Heroes

published by Franciscan Media | Trade Paperback | 143 pages
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In his third Heroes volume, Brennan Hill profiles eight improbable candidates for the great things they did. These unlikely heroes—Thomas Merton, Helen Prejean, Pedro Arrupe,  Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, and others—saw great injustice, sorrow, and violence in the world and, in their own ways—some small, some universal—sought and created love, justice, peace, and hope for our time.
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Was disappointed with verbiage of “wealth redistribution” and so forth being presented in a positive way. My understanding is Jesus said”Give to Cesar what is Cesar’s.” I believe in empowering people, providing equal opportunity, and giving people a hand up when needed but not wealth redistribution. I’ve a Masters degree in Counseling and have been heartbroken to see a large increase in young people with an entitlement attitude and who are lacking in a sense of humility and gratitude.

BRENNAN R. HILL, PH.D., is professor emeritus in the theology department at Xavier University in Cincinnati. His most recent books are 8 Freedom Heroes: Changing the World with Faith; 8 Spiritual Heroes: Their Search for God; Jesus the Christ: Contemporary Perspectives (New Edition) and The On-Going Renewal of Catholicism.

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