Silent Compassion: Finding God in Contemplation

published by Franciscan Media | Trade Paperback | 96 pages
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In Silent Compassion: Finding God in Contemplation, Rohr focuses on finding God in the depths of silence, and shares that the divine silence is more than the absence of noise. That silence has a life of its own, in which we are invited into its living presence, wholeness of being, and peace it brings. This silence can absorb paradoxes, contradictions, and the challenges of life, he says, connecting us with the great chain of being. Rohr adds that while different faiths use different languages and different words, all major religions have come at the mystery of God as a dynamic flow—God as communion, God as relationships. Silence then becomes that common place for all.

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So helpful

This is another of those books I've been wanting for years !
Your site and bookstore has renewed this 72yr old gal with great joy and thankfulness for being Catholic!! For not giving up. I have also ordered St Anthony Messenger and feel renewed when I read it!


Silent Compassion: Finding God in Contemplation

Quick and efficient service.

Ordering was easy, and the book came faster than indicated.


Frankly, I was so HORRIFIED about the hideous bookmark re "In God We Trust" book that was included that I haven't touched the book. I am FED UP with Christian Right charlatans and their messages of hate & division. The economic policies you seem to be aligning with are completely contrary to my understanding of Catholic Social Teaching, with an over-emphasis on unfettered capitalism and histrionic demonization of what you refer to as so-called "socialism" because of necessary protections, or regulations if you like, from that unfettered capitalism that protects the strong at the expense of the weak. As if receiving one's (fair) pay and a pension for a life-time's work is socialism. As if not being discriminated against because of the color of skin that GOD GAVE YOU or being a woman because of the way GOD MADE YOU is socialism. You people have a serious problem. You're sick. And, I'm disgusted. Don't you ever darken my doorstep with this crap, ever again.

Silent Compassion

One of Richard Rohr’s best writings. Thanks.

Fr. Richard Rohr is a globally recognized ecumenical teacher bearing witness to the universal awakening within Christian mysticism and the Perennial Tradition. He is a Franciscan priest of the New Mexico Province and founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation (CAC) in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Fr. Richard's teaching is grounded in the Franciscan alternative orthodoxy—practices of contemplation and lived kenosis (self-emptying), expressing itself in radical compassion, particularly for the socially marginalized. Fr. Richard is the author of numerous books, including Everything Belongs, Adam’s Return, The Naked Now, Breathing Under WaterFalling UpwardImmortal Diamond, and Eager to Love: The Alternative Way of Francis of Assisi. Fr. Richard is academic Dean of the Living School for Action and Contemplation. Drawing upon Christianity's place within the Perennial Tradition, the mission of the Living School is to produce compassionate and powerfully learned individuals who will work for positive change in the world based on awareness of our common union with God and all beings. Visit for more information.

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