A Catholic Family Advent
: Prayers and Activities

Susan Hines-BriggerBook 64 pgs.
Trade Paperback

Publisher: Franciscan Media (2012)
ISBN: 9781616364922


SUSAN HINES-BRIGGER is managing editor of St. Anthony Messenger, for which she writes the “Catholic Mom Speaks” column. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with her husband and four children. She writes “Too Tired to Blog.”


"Susan Hines-Brigger has a way of making every day of Advent relevant….It made me look forward not just to Christmas, but to Advent as well!" --Judy Zarick, author of Moved by Faith: Stories From American Catholic Radio

A Catholic Family Advent : Prayers and Activities

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A Catholic Family Advent
: Prayers and Activities
$ 5.00

For many families, the four weeks leading up to Christmas can be a time of great stress, unrealized dreams, a commercial blur, and a financial burden. Susan Hines-Brigger, the mother of four children, knows well that the days counting down to Christmas can easily become for parents and grandparents a nightmare of whiny behavior, crowded to-do lists, and a less-than-spiritual experience. That’s why this mother who has seen and heard it all in her own home during Advent created this resource with prayers and activities: She wants to put Christ back into the family holiday celebration and help families—even hers—become holier. Using A Catholic Family Advent on a daily basis will give Catholic families time together to pray, reflect on Scripture, and do a simple activity together. This daily source of inspiration can be used in the family setting as prayer before or after meals, as morning and evening prayer, or as family time in front of the Advent wreath or Christmas crèche.

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