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Dick Lyles — Audio Book
Publisher: Franciscan Media
ISBN: 9781616365974


Dick Lyles is the host of The Catholic Business Hour, a weekly radio program, now in its fourth year, which airs twice weekly on the EWTN global radio network. He is the former CEO of Relevant Radio, a long-time member of Legatus, and in demand as a speaker both for business organizations and Catholic audiences, delivering two to three keynote speeches every month. He is the CEO of Origin Entertainment, which is producing the movies Fatima: Message and Miracle, and Mary, Mother of the Christ. Martha Lyles has had a long career as a religious education director and director of development in her California parish. She is an experienced retreat leader. Dick and Martha live in Poway, California.


 Dick and Martha Lyles have served the Catholic Church in a variety of capacities,  including hosting a radio program devoted to Catholic business (Dick), and religious education and development on the parish level (Martha). In their first joint publication, the Lyles ask the prevalent question, “What does God want us to do with our lives?” Their goal is to bring all of us closer to sainthood “by following a different path—a path unique to each of us, tied to our own unique call and the gifts given to us by God” (xiii). <br><br>In the chapter entitled “Stagnation and Complacency,” the Lyles show their sense of humor by advocating that “[t]o evolve requires change. Once you stop evolving—which means you also stop changing—then you stop living. The only difference between a rut and a grave are the dimensions” (48). The chapter “Discern Your Work Purpose” teaches us to persevere in our careers, in that “[t]he more one’s union with God increases while working, the more actions that flow from it will bear fruit for souls” (126). Complete with faith, family, and work activity self-audit worksheets, and an effective novena to “answer one’s call,” this work is highly recommended for parish libraries, especially adult faith sharing groups seeking to find a common identity. It is well organized and thought out, and stands as a fine beginning on the journey to greater sanctification.&mdash;Robert P. Russo, <i>Catholic Library World</i>

Answer Your Call: Reclaim God's Purpose for Faith, Family, and Work audio book

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Answer Your Call helps Christians discern their purpose from a Catholic perspective—think of it as a Catholic response to The Purpose Driven Life. Building on the premise that every person has a unique set of natural gifts meant to be used in concert with God's supernatural graces, readers will find practical insights on what prevents someone from hearing and responding to God's call, as well as how to reclaim and live one's calling in the home, workplace, and community. Answer Your Call goes beyond mere theory, using key questions, short quizzes, and practical exercises to help the reader implement the material. You'll learn:
  • What causes us to lose sight of God's presence
  • How we lose touch with our natural gifts
  • The three dimensions of our divine call
  • Understanding discernment in relation to purpose and call
  • How you can plan to implement your call
Interspersed with Scripture and Catechism quotes, as well as wisdom from popes and saints, Answer Your Call will guide you to carry out God's purpose in every dimension of your life.

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