Catholic and Confident: Simple Steps to Share Your Faith

Henry Libersat — Book 95 pgs.
Publisher: Servant Books (2012)
ISBN: 9781616364281


HENRY LIBERSAT is the author of sixteen books, including the international bestseller, Miracles Do Happen (coauthored with Sister Briege McKenna). He has a master’s degree in pastoral ministry from St. Thomas University in Miami and was ordained a permanent deacon for the Orlando diocese in 1986. Deacon Libersat has been involved in RCIA, prayer counseling, and preaching over the years and has preached parish missions in Florida and several other states and Canada. He and his wife, Peg, have raised seven children and are now enjoying their many grandchildren.


"Catholics, even devout ones, are notoriously reluctant evangelizers. Many of them know they ought to share their faith, but their list of excuses is a mile long: I don't know enough to do it right; I'll say something wrong; I might offend someone; I don't want to come across as a religious nut; I can't quote Scripture as well as my protestant neighbor can....

Deep down, we are not really comfortable with those excuses. It's time to banish timidity, and this book can help. Author Henry Libersat shows readers where to get started—with themselves—making sure their own relationship with Christ is where it ought to be. Next, he explains how sharing the faith doesn't have to mean winning debates. It's often as simple as giving good example, and sharing your own story of what Christ means to you. This book will inspire you to give it a try!"—Catholic Digest, October, 2012

Catholic and Confident: Simple Steps to Share Your Faith

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Catholic and Confident is designed to help Catholics embrace their call to spread the message of salvation to everyone in their lives. Providing references from various popes and the Second Vatican Council, this book shows the need for laypeople to evangelize and affirms their unique place in the world to do so. Real-life examples of Catholics who are living their call combined with practical suggestions make this a valuable resource. Readers will find a new vitality of faith, a greater understanding of God’s presence in their lives, and the peace that comes from living and sharing confidently as God calls them to do.

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