Deep Adventure: The Way of Heroic Virtue

Bear Woznick — 144 pgs.
Publisher: Servant
ISBN: 9781632530288


World Champion surfer, certified ninja black belt, cast member of Fox Fuel TV’s adventure show Clean Break, and all around adventurer, Bear Woznick’s life message transparently communicates the thrills and spills of a life lived in the quest of abandonment to God. As a novitiate Benedictine Oblate, certified Catechist and cofounder of Fishers of Men, a parish-based men’s fellowship movement, Bear follows a faith journey in his own faith community of Waikiki Beach, Hawaii.

Throughout his use of media – writing, blogging, reality TV, radio features on the virtues, and his talks Bear inspires people to a high calling. Woznick hosts the weekly Deep Adventure radio program, which is syndicated on the EWTN radio network.


“Bear Woznick—surfer, pilot, black-belt, and adventurer—is such a strong Christian man of God, his readers truly want to become heroic in their pursuit and performance of the Christian virtues. His latest book is fun, intelligent, confident, and fiercely faithful—just like the author.” —Anthony DeStefano, bestselling author, A Travel Guide to Heaven “Take the spiritual classics of the desert fathers, put them in the hands of a modern ocean master and champion surfer, reintroduce them to modern culture with lost words like heroism and virtue…and you have this powerful blast of clarity and pull of gravity toward the greatest force of nature: God who is love.” —Sheila Liaugminas, EWTN radio host and author, Non-Negotiable “Get this into the hands of the men in your life and give them an example of manly and heroic living.” —Steve Ray, author, movie producer, pilgrimage leader “I can affirm wholeheartedly with Bear the deep conviction that is at the heart of his book: ‘The most radical thing that you can do in life is to abandon yourself to the wild adventure of God’s will.’” —Bishop Michael Byrnes, auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Detroit

Deep Adventure: The Way of Heroic Virtue

$ 16.99

Jesus stands on the road beside you now and says, "Where are you going?" Are you ready to enter into Deep Adventure? Are you ready to take up your cross and follow him? Are you ready to let virtue propel you into the wild adventure of God's will? Are you ready to walk the Way of Heroic Virtue?

Host of EWTN’s “Deep Adventure Radio,” and two-time Masters World Champion Surfer, Bear Woznick is the Adventure Guide for Deep Adventure Quest Retreats, where people step out of their comfort zone and into the danger zone of God’s will. In Deep Adventure: The Way of Heroic Virtue, Bear shares his real-life adventures as a way to challenge you to go deeper with God and live a life of virtue. Pulse-pounding stories of ocean rescues, huge waves and deadly encounters with sharks show us that when people abandon themselves to God, they do not become some soft, pastel version of themselves. On the contrary, a life lived in pursuit of God’s will is the boldest, most rewarding way possible to live. If you’re tired of being spoon-fed the message that you just need to be “nicer,” this book is for you.

You know deep inside that you are meant for more. You feel the call to be valiant and heroic for your loved ones and for the world. What you seek is profound, but you want a clearer goal and the means to accomplish that. Join us on this quest. Abandoning yourself to God’s will takes every ounce of your courage and dedication. You will be tested, but Jesus is the one calling and he will empower you in ways you’ve never even imagined.

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