Firmly on the Rock: 120 Reflections on Faith

Debra Herbeck; foreword by Ralph Martin — Book 76 pgs.
Publisher: Servant Books (2012)
ISBN: 9781616361655


DEBRA HERBECK is the newsletter editor for Renewal Ministries and the director of the Renewal Ministries School of Catholic Bible Study. She is the author of Safely Through the Storm: 120 Reflections on Hope (Servant) and coauthor with her husband Peter, of When the Spirit Speaks: Touched by God’s Word (Servant). Debra has worked extensively in youth and women’s ministry for the past 25 years. The Herbecks live in Ann Arbor, Michigan and are the parents of four children.


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Firmly on the Rock: 120 Reflections on Faith

$ 12.99

Debra Herbeck has once again compiled a collection of 120 quotes and short reflections, this time on the subject of faith. Especially today, many struggle with doubt and discouragement, wondering if their faith is well-founded. This book features saints, popes, authors, and well-known current Catholics, all who offer inspiring words about what faith is and how to cultivate it. You can turn to Firmly on the Rock again and again when your own faith needs strengthening, and it would also make a thoughtful gift for family and friends.

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