God's Story 365: A Fun Way to Explore the Bible as a Family

published by Franciscan Media | Trade Paperback | 319 pages
$ 21.99
God's Story 365 combines vibrant art, short and engaging stories (including biblical references to dive deeper) and thought-provoking questions to walk kids of all ages through the whole Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, one tear-off page at a time. Whether you start in January or June, you can read a page per day or several pages at a time. It's a perfect way to learn God's Story together around the kitchen table, at bedtime, in the car, over the phone, or wherever and whenever it works for you! 


What is God's Story 365? from Franciscan Media on Vimeo.


God's Story 365: Jessica from Franciscan Media on Vimeo.



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When Dave's oldest daughter started school, he started the habit of drawing a quick picture every day and dropping it into her lunchbox. Over time, she came to expect (and love!) this gesture. By the time the second--and then third--kid started school, Dave was doing a lot of drawing! Soon, he began to consider ways to make that five minutes of connection even more meaningful. What if he used it to share his faith by drawing pictures to walk his kids through the Bible? Better yet, what if somebody told each picture's story in language kids could understand? From that idea, God's Story 365 was born. Now, every adult has a fun way to share God's love with the kid(s) in his or her life--one that easily fits into any daily routine. Because exploring God's story should be fun for every family!

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