Hidden Beauty: Reflections on St. Bonaventure's Tree of Life

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This book shows us how to use St. Bonaventure's reflections on Scripture as stepping stones for our own journey into God. The Tree of Life is commented on by Fr. Martignetti branch by branch, as it were. The passages are short, readily comprehensible, and thoroughly informed by Bonaventure’s other writings so that after reading this, we realize what a treasure we have been given in this great saint and teacher.   Stock #: I9805

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I read from it everyday since it arrived and I enjoy it wonderfully.


A treasure, right on time.

Hidden Beauty

This book is a real gem! Written by Franciscan friar, Fr. Rick Martignetti, it journeys with the reader through 48 individual reflections on St. Bonaventure's Tree of Life (Lignum Vitae). The 48 reflections are divided into 12 separate groups, referred to as "fruits." St. Bonaventure meditates on these 12 "fruits' of the Tree of Life, such as the "Uniqueness of Jesus' Origin" to "His Trust when in Danger" to "the Beauty of the Kingdom." Like Dante's Beatrice, Fr. Rick walks with us through the Seraphic Doctor's thoughts, interpreting them for us today and helping us apply the teachings to our own lives, while at the same time aiding us in meditating on the life and mission of Christ and gaining more insight into the saving work of God. I particularly appreciated Fr. Rick's interpretation of Reflection 28 - Jesus, Given Gall to Drink, which he links directly to Mary's Humility. This book can be read slowly, with just one or two reflections a day, or all at once, to understand St. Bonadventure's vision as a whole.


Hidden Beauty: Reflections on St. Bonaventure's Tree of Life

Fr. Rick Martignetti is a Franciscan priest in the Immaculate Conception Province of the Order of Friars Minor. In 2002, he was awarded a doctorate in Sacred Theology with a concentration in Franciscan Spirituality from the Pontifical University Antonianum in Rome. He has done years of teaching, campus ministry, spiritual direction, formation work, pilgrimage ministry, and youth ministry. In 2014, he published Hidden Beauty: Reflections on Saint Bonaventure’s Tree of Life.

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