Hungry for God: Practical Help in Personal Prayer

Ralph Martin — Book 149 pgs.
Publisher: Servant (2006)
ISBN: 9780867168013


RALPH MARTIN is president of Renewal Ministries in Ann Arbor, Michigan (, and director of graduate programs in the new evangelization at Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit. He is visiting professor of theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio and host of a weekly television program, “The Choices We Face.” He and his wife, Anne, have six children and three grandchildren.


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Hungry for God: Practical Help in Personal Prayer

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God is everywhere, always, and we can communicate with Him, everywhere, always.—From Chapter Five

Is prayer possible? Does it make any difference? Does God hear and answer? How do we pray? Why?

In this classic work on the spiritual life, Ralph Martin gives readers the tools for entering more fully into a fruitful relationship with God. Prayer is a gift, not a burden. Through it the Holy Spirit draws us into the Trinity, satisfying the hunger for God that lies within every human heart.

"Ralph Martin has been charting the landscape of Catholic renewal for more than two decades. This is a wonderfully readable and enriching, addition to Ralph's reflections on what it means to live as a Christian in a complicated world."—Most Reverend Charles J. Chaput, Archbishop of Denver

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