Joyful Witness

: How to Be an Extraordinary Catholic

Randy Hain; foreword by Teresa TomeoBook 160 pgs.
Trade Paperback

Publisher: Servant Books (2014)
ISBN: 9781616368104


Randy Hain is a devoted family man, business leader, writer, and a passionate advocate for the faith. He converted to the Catholic Church along with his wife in 2006. He is a cofounder of the Annual Atlanta Catholic Business Conference and the Integrated Catholic Life magazine, where he blogs each week. He is also a contributing writer for the National Catholic Register and the Huffington Post. A sought-after national speaker and the author of four books, he lives with his family in Roswell, Georgia.


“In Joyful Witness, Randy Hain has done something brilliant: He’s gathered everyday heroes and highlighted their saintly efforts. This book is full of practical tips that even slackers like me can apply. You're going to find yourself inspired by the incredible stories, the heartwarming examples, and the down-to-earth advice. Even better, you'll be motivated to get off your couch and do something!” — Sarah Reinhard, author and blogger,

"Unique and inspiring, a solid Catholic view—Joyful Witness inspires the heart and soul! Randy Hain shows us how to truly live the faith and really make a difference. A must read for every Catholic!" — Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle, author of The Miraculous Medal 

"Everyone loves a love story. Joyful Witness is Randy Hain's love story with the Catholic faith.  Love begins with infatuation but only continues through nurturing the relationship.  'You simply can't love the whys of Catholicism before you love the Who,' he writes. So Randy leads us into evangelizing beginning with a love of Jesus. He then shares answers and tools through his own experience and those of other Catholics who share his deep love of the faith. This book is a template for a great Catholic love story." — Patti Armstrong, Catholic author and blogger 

"Make a choice for the benefit of your family, your parish, and yourself in Jesus Christ. Randy Hain's Joyful Witness will open your eyes, renew your commitment to integrate your faith with the struggles of life, and serve as a roadmap to your becoming that extraordinary, deeply serene Catholic that each of us can be." — Father Robert P. Reed, President of The CatholicTV Network

Joyful Witness : How to Be an Extraordinary Catholic

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Joyful Witness

: How to Be an Extraordinary Catholic
$ 8.00

We want others to know the joy we’ve discovered as Catholics and have an impact for good in the lives of others. But can busy, ordinary men and women of faith do something that really makes a difference? Author Randy Hain shares creative ways Catholics can live their faith and pass it on to others—often with extraordinary results. Hain challenges us to:
  • Dream big and have faith
  • Entrust everything to Mary
  • Create something beautiful for God
  • Discover new ways to reach today’s youth
  • Keep our focus clearly on attaining Heaven
Joyful Witness introduces us to individuals who have accomplished amazing things for God, things that have made them extraordinary Catholics. This book will inspire you to be extraordinary, too!

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