Life With Mother Teresa

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Life With Mother Teresa

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It is not success that is important but our faithfulness.” —Mother Teresa, From Part One

For thirty years, Father Sebastian Vazhakala worked closely with Mother Teresa, co-founding with her the Missionaries of Charity Contemplative and founding the Lay Missionaries of Charity. At her funeral, he was one of only six people given the honor of riding on the catafalque that carried her body. “She has always been a mother to me,” he has said, “we always remained very close.”

In this book, Father Sebastian tells not only the stories of the founding of the Contemplative and the Lay Missionaries, but also provides fresh insight into Mother Teresa who was “timid and very sensitive by nature,” according to the author, but who surrendered everything to God in order to serve him in the poor.

Through unedited letters, photos and anecdotes ranging from Mother Teresa’s childhood in Albania to the memory loss of her later years, the reader gains a new portrait of both Mother Teresa and the inner spirit of the Missionaries of Charity.  A Servant Book.    

“The pages of this book do not leave the reader indifferent. On the contrary, on every page there is something that is impressed upon you…until you are inspired to do something beautiful for God.”—Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins, prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints

“Reading Father Sebastian’s book requires having the courage of committing oneself, of getting one’s hands dirty…of converting oneself always and again to Christ. With humility and clarity Father Sebastian calls you to write now—immediately—your biography. There is no time to lose. In order to do this, he suggests that you too live the experience of being a ‘small pencil’ in God’s hands, using Mother Teresa’s very effective expression.”—L’Osservatore Romano 1 C0604 Monsignor Champlin explains the process by which marriages that are otherwise not fully recognized are validated in the eyes of the Church. Regardless of why couples marry outside the Church and later seek a Church wedding," Champlin writes, "the benefits of convalidation are enormous: peace of heart, oneness with the Church, reception of the Sacrament of Matrimony and God's special blessing upon the marriage."

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