Living God's Justice: Reflections and Prayers

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Publisher: St. Anthony Messenger Press
ISBN: 9780867167429


The Roundtable is the national association of Catholic diocesan social action directors and their staffs, providing professional support to members through education, formation, professional relationships and management development. The association is committed to deepening the capacity of social action directors to engage in the social mission of the church.


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Living God's Justice: Reflections and Prayers

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"Integration is one of the goals of the spiritual journey. The vertical relationship with God that is nurtured in personal prayer and public worship needs to be integrated with our horizontal relationship with our sisters and brothers. A balanced spirituality is one of both/and not either/or. In other words, we are to be contemplatives in action. Contemplation is that loving attention as we gaze upon the mystery of God; action is reaching out to others who are in need."
—from the Foreword, by Robert F. Morneau

For Christians, prayer is never entirely a personal matter. Jesus taught us to pray in such a way that we are always mindful of the concerns of others, and of our relationships with others. Living God's Justice is a sourcebook of just such prayers—words that help us to orient ourselves toward others in a way that leads to right relationship with God and effective prayer.

Drawing on the wisdom of the ages—from Saint Francis of Assisi to Pope John Paul II, Thomas á Kempis to Mother Teresa, Saint Augustine to Thea Bowman—this collection reminds us that we are all members of one body, one church and others depend upon our prayers as much as we depend upon theirs.

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