Living Life Abundantly: Stories of People Who Encountered God

Johnnette Benkovic — 178 pgs.
Publisher: St. Anthony Messenger Press
ISBN: 9781569552315


Johnnette Benkovic is the founder and director of Living His Life Abundantly, a nonprofit Catholic communications ministry. Johnnette is the host of a weekly radio program and hosts and produces a number of TV programs in association with the Eternal Word Television Network. She resides in Florida.


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Living Life Abundantly: Stories of People Who Encountered God

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In Living Life Abundantly, Catholic teacher and television broadcaster Johnnette Benkovic tells the extraordinary stories of Catholics whose lives were changed by God's touch. Readers will find reasons for hope and joy in accounts of a mother who forgave her child's killer, of a woman healed of eating disorders, of a singer freed from the damage of date rape, of a male prostitute converted to Christ and more. And they will delight in stories like that of the woman who single-handedly relieved the poverty of Mexican children and of a ministry to women who suffer from the ravaging experience of abortions. The author amplifies the stories with practical advice and Catholic teaching.

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