Living the Sacraments: Grace Into Action

Bert Ghezzi — Book 166 pgs.
Publisher: Servant (2011)
ISBN: 9780867169935


BERT GHEZZI is the author of twenty books on saints, spirituality, and Catholic living. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame and works as an editor for Our Sunday Visitor books division. He and his wife, Mary Lou, have fourteen grandchildren. They live in Winter Park, Florida.


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Living the Sacraments: Grace Into Action

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We Catholics simply don't expect enough of the sacraments. Sometimes I think they must be the most underutilized power sources on the planet.—from Chapter One

The sacraments lie dormant for many because we don't understand them and don't know how to tap into their supernatural energy. Living the Sacraments weaves together Scripture, the writings of the saints, and personal stories to help us understand these seven gifts of the Church and experience their practical and spiritual rewards.

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