Making Choices: Practical Wisdom for Everyday Moral Decisions

Peter Kreeft — Book 218 pgs.
Publisher: Servant (1990)
ISBN: 9780892836383


Peter Kreeft, professor of philosophy at Boston College, is the author of such well-received books as Between Heaven and Hell; The Unaborted Socrates; Yes or No?: Straight Answers to Tough Questions About Chrisitanity; Heaven: The Heart's Deepest Longing; and Prayer: The Great Conversation.


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Making Choices: Practical Wisdom for Everyday Moral Decisions

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"It's a moral jungle out there," writes Peter Kreeft. In Making Choices he describes why we find decision-making so difficult and living with our choices even harder. With penetrating wisdom, good humor, and common sense, Peter Kreeft draws a map through the everyday jungle of moral choices, one simple enough for the believer and convincing enough for the skeptic. This book clears a straight road through the thorny jungles of skewed modern thinking about the way to live, and does do with the easy brilliance, impish insight, and searching simplicity that have become Peter Kreeft's special trademarks.

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