Making Room: Soul-Deep Satisfaction Through Simple Living

published by Franciscan Media | Trade Paperback | 160 pages
$ 16.99
Idealism and reality meet in this inspirational guide. Kyle Kramer shares with us his ongoing adventures and misadventures on the path to greater emotional, mental, and material freedom.Stock #: B53308

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
kathy Latham

I ordered 2 copies and only received 1. I gave it to my sister. I think she likes it. Still waiting for mine. Tganks

EMilio REyes
Wonderful and enlightening reading.

I would recommend this book because it goes beyond cleaning out the closet. It touches on every aspect of all life and how our actions affect the lives of our brothers and sisters.

Richard P.
Making Room - Some good advice, some confused justifications

Kyle Kramer describes how to achieve "soul-deep satisfaction through simple living". His extensive, varied back story which includes 15 years as an organic farmer/homesteader and various jobs as educator, director of theology programs and spiritual formation, writer (Jesuit magazine America, Franciscan Media's Center provides a credible background to his story.

Kramer starts with "why" a life built around "simplicity" is the key to a satisfied and satisfying life. Starting from a rational for focusing on "simple pleasures", he discusses how "letting go" and nurturing a deep humility led him to realize the most important realities of life. He then speaks of two loves, "Love of the Poor" and "Love of the Earth" that provide a foundation for "why" a simple life.

Kyle then moves to practical advice on how this simple life is to be achieved as it relates to money, work, play, "the Digital World", rugged interdependence, food, and relationships. He discusses practical aspects on the meaning of simplicity in each. He provides concrete examples of navigating his path to simplicity. This includes successes as well as failures and compromises that are inevitably part of the process. In all of this Kramer interweaves worthwhile spiritual reflections and thought; while carefully navigating religious references to remain overtly neutral.

Overall, Kramer makes a thoughtful case for "simple living". He does a very good job discussing the spiritual and religious motivations. His justification discussions and thinking reflect today's world.

Kramer is a fan of Electric Vehicles. Not so much of oil and gas powered vehicles, ships, equipment. He is apparently unaware of the massive environmental damage in mining rare earth elements. And, the environmental impact of discarded, non-recyclable solar panels, windmill blades, etc. Or, of the massive inefficiencies and deficiencies involved in building, maintaining and providing non-carbon based fuels. His criticism of market-based economics is remarkably naive given his broad experience and background.

However, all that said, he makes an informative and mostly constructive contribution to the discussion toward a realizing a life well-lived.

carol hofer
Trying to catch up

helpful but a little hard to identify with someone who is brilliant, has boundless energy, builds his own house, has become adept at a million things, is successful beyond measure in so many ways...

Letitia Marsico
Making Room

This was an easy read! I enjoyed the author's style! Certainly a lot to think about!

"Kyle Kramer is the Executive Director of the Passionist Earth & Spirit Center (, which offers interfaith educational programming in meditation, ecology, and social compassion. Educated at Indiana University, the Universität Hamburg (Germany), and Emory University, he is the former director of graduate theology programs and spiritual formation for Saint Meinrad, a Benedictine monastery and Roman Catholic school of theology. Kyle and his family spent fifteen years as organic farmers and homesteaders in Spencer County, Indiana. Kyle serves as a Catholic Climate Ambassador for the USCCB-sponsored Catholic Climate Covenant and is the author of A Time to Plant: Life Lessons in Work, Prayer, and Dirt (Ave Maria Press, 2010). He is a former columnist and essayist for America magazine and a current columnist for Franciscan Media’s St. Anthony Messenger magazine."

Product Type:  Book

Item Number:  #B53308

ISBN:  9781632533081

Publication Date:  6/1/2021

BISAC:  RELIGION/Christian Living/Inspirational

Imprint:  Franciscan Media

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Pages:  160

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