Meeting Jesus in the Gospels

George Martin — 149 pgs.
Publisher: St. Anthony Messenger Press
ISBN: 9780867169003


GEORGE MARTIN is widely known for his popular writing on Scripture. He is the author of numerous books, including Bringing the Gospel of Matthew to Life, Bringing the Gospel of Mark to Life and the bestselling Reading Scripture as the Word of God. His monthly “Your Word” columns appeared for years in New Covenant magazine, and he was also publisher and editor of the monthly magazine God’s Word Today. He and his wife, Mary, live in Florida.


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Meeting Jesus in the Gospels

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“Jesus was more than simply a kindly fellow wandering around the hills of Galilee. He is the image of the unseen God.”—From Chapter Two

What do you think of Jesus? Do you think of him at all? Maybe you’re too busy or you’ve lost interest or you’ve betrayed his friendship. Maybe you think there’s nothing more to discover or maybe you think there is but don’t know where to start. George Martin offers some good news: It’s never too late to get to know Jesus. Jesus is near to you and passionately concerned about your well-being.

In these short, lively reflections, Martin explores Scripture to reveal how Jesus demonstrates his mercy, comfort, strength and forgiveness, and how, time and again, he leads us out of our anxieties into his steadfast presence.

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