Moved By Faith: Stories From American Catholic Radio

Judy Zarick — Book 133 pgs.
Publisher: St. Anthony Messenger Press (2012)
ISBN: 9781616363239


Judy Zarick works on the media production team at Franciscan Media and produces the “Living Faith” segment for American Catholic Radio, a weekly, half-hour catechetical program that is both educational and inspirational. She has interviewed over three hundred amazing and inspirational people of faith. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Producer Judy Zarick has compiled a fascinating collection of stories from American Catholic Radio's weekly "Living Faith" segment.

I'd like to tell you about two of my favorite stories in this book.

"Baby Not Breathing" which tells how police medic Tim Jaccard became a "health proxy" for murdered, abandoned babies, so that they could at least be given the dignity of a name, and a decent burial. Later on, though, he was inspired to take things further; to save as many babies as he could from becoming victims of infanticide. It is thanks to Tim Jaccard that mothers can now turn their babies over to a safe haven.

"Gabriel's Gift," which tells how JoAnne Cascia was advised to terminate her pregnancy, because her baby had a condition called thantophoric skeletal dysplasia, which meant that he would die soon after being born. Abortion, however, was not an option for JoAnne and her husband. Their friends, family and co-workers supported them. It was only the doctors who urged them to end the pregnancy. Finally, though, JoAnne found St. Peter's, a Catholic hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey. There, Gabriel was delivered by C-section on February 24th, 2004, and was baptized. Family and close friends were at the hospital. Gabriel lived for an hour and a half. During that time, he was kissed and loved.

Later on, Joanne met Pamela Houghton, who had also gone through a pregnancy with a fatal prognosis. Together, they formed a network to help other mothers in similar situations.

Each story ends with an update, telling what these people have been doing since their stories were broadcast. There is also a set of questions called "Moved to Action: Questions for Thought" at the end of each chapter. -- Semper Guadete

Moved By Faith: Stories From American Catholic Radio

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Many of us feel awed and amazed when we hear stories of Catholics who put their faith into action in interesting and dynamic ways. We wonder if we will ever have the motivation and the courage and the perseverance to do the same.

Stories of Catholics who put shoes on the gospel are featured weekly on American Catholic Radio in its “Living Faith” segment that spotlights everyday people—lay, religious, and ordained—who live their faith in extraordinary ways. Some Catholics work in their communities, making “small” contributions that make the world a better, more Christian place. Others have nationally known ministries. All of the stories first featured on American Catholic Radio and now collected in Moved by Faith provide role models that like-minded Catholics can follow and turn to for signs of hope.

Moved by Faith provides refreshing new, ordinary role models for contemporary Christian living. It is an excellent gift for anyone learning about the Catholic faith.

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