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Mary Claire Kendall — Audio Book
Publisher: Franciscan Media
ISBN: 9781616369156


Mary Claire Kendall is a Washington-based writer of commentaries, features, books, and screenplays. She writes a regular column on Hollywood for Breitbart, and was a regular columnist for Forbes. She has written features and commentaries for the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, New York Daily News, New York Post, The Washington Times, Our Sunday Visitor, and Catholic New World.


“Inside stories about Stars that the studios never shared. I could not put it down and have gained a new appreciation for them” — Ron Masak, actor/writer
 “In that seductive realm of mirage and illusion Mary Claire Kendall has uncovered authentic wellsprings of faith and divine illumination that transform our understanding of these legends of the silver screen. Her aptly titled book will indeed refresh the soul and enrich our view of Hollywood in its heyday. It is a treasure.” — Charles Scribner III, author of The Shadow of God: A Journey Through Memory, Art, and Faith
 “Yes, even Hollywood legends can be saved and Mary Claire Kendall proves it in her wonderful, revealing book, Oasis—telling the stories of Hollywood actors and actresses who found peace of mind and soul in their conversion to the Catholic Church; or, in the case of one legendary director, famous for his cameos, his return to the Church. This book is not only spellbinding but also shows that all occupations, even in Hollywood, can put people on the way to salvation.”  — Fr. C. John McCloskey, Church historian and research fellow at the Faith and Reason Institute in Washington D.C. 
 “Oasis soars. It’s a riveting narrative about stars I grew up with and, in the case of legends Gary Cooper and John Wayne, identified with for their portrayal of American heroism in films like Sergeant York and Flying Leathernecks.  Learning of their own humanity and heroism makes me appreciate them so much more. Thank you, Mary Claire!“ — Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney (USAF-Ret.)
 “Mary Claire Kendall's book is wonderful—a delight to read and sure to have powerful impact on readers. I'm always encouraged by stories of how Christ works in people's lives.  And to learn of the experiences of Hollywood stars—all the better.” — Fred Barnes, executive editor, Weekly Standard
“Celebrate with Mary Claire as she vividly brings to life stars of film and stage with such stories—helping us see them in a whole new and, until now, largely unknown way.  Guaranteed: You won’t be able to stop reading Oasis.” — Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (USA-Ret.)

Oasis: Conversion Stories of Hollywood Legends audio book

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Highlighting legends such as Mary Astor, John Wayne, Alfred Hitchcock, Spencer Tracy, Lana Turner, Gary Cooper, Patricia Neal, Betty Hutton, and Bob Hope, Oasis: Conversion Stories of Hollywood Legends uncovers stories of recovery and conversion—intimate portraits that often contrast with the more common profiles of these all-too-human stars. Many were touched by infidelity, alcoholism, unbridled ambition, or other moral failings that often seem to characterize life in Hollywood. Some had deathbed conversions, others underwent a gradual process of conversion; each found solace in embracing the Catholic faith.

While taking nothing from their fame, Oasis: Conversion Stories of Hollywood Legends shows that even those who seem to have it all need the hope, strength, and fortitude provided by faith.

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