Party of One  : Living Single With Faith, Purpose & Passion

Beth M. Knobbe — Book 144 pgs.
Publisher: Franciscan Media (2011)
ISBN: 9780867169904


BETH M. KNOBBE lives an intentional single life. She earned a master of divinity degree from Catholic Theological Union in Chicago and serves as a campus minister at the Sheil Catholic Center at Northwestern University. She is a regular speaker on young adult spirituality and the author of Finding My Voice: A Young Woman's Perspective.


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Party of One : Living Single With Faith, Purpose & Passion

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• Ever get stuck at the kids' table at family gatherings?
• Does everyone want to "fix you up" with potential mates?
• Are your dreams on hold until you find someone with whom to share them?

In this candid look at being single, Beth Knobbe draws on the experiences of men and women who share their personal stories and reflections on what it means to be single—with faith, purpose, and passion.

With insights from both Scripture and ordinary people, Knobbe shows us that the single life can be one of abundance and joy. She addresses the fears singles face, the assumptions people make, and the questions singles ask themselves. She includes practical and spiritual advice for finding happiness and contentment as a single person.

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