Practical Catechesis

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Practical Catechesis

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Teachers of religious education and would-be catechists will find valuable practical and spiritual aid in Practical Catechesis. Reflected here is the view of experienced and respected catechist Judith Dunlap that catechesis is a matter of heart as well as head—formational as well as instructional. She offers practical ways of making that kind of catechesis happen and help with widely ranging challenges to religious educators, from setting up a parish video library to facilitating adult catechesis, from evangelizing and catechizing our children, to catechesis for the developmentally and physically challenged. The material is arranged according to themes: Visions and Tasks; Message, Community, Service: Family-Style; Catechesis, Liturgy and the Liturgical Year; Those to Be Catechized and Catechesis: A Shared Ministry. There is an index and a Foreword by Dr. Francoise Darcy-Berube.

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