Repair My House

published by Orbis | Trade Paperback | 272 pages
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"Repair my house." St. Francis of Assisi heard this instruction from a crucifix in a ruined chapel, inspiring his radical mission of church renewal. Today the Catholic Church confronts again the need for a similar mission of repair and renewal. In response, Fr. Crosby sees a challenge to all the church: to return to the basic message of Jesus Christ, a message that is supported, not contradicted, by advances in science and cosmology. Crosby envisions a new way of being Catholic and a set of practices that draws on the contemplative, compassionate, and life-giving spirit of Christ's Kingdom—a vision of God's Trinitarian reality to be brought about "on earth as it is in heaven."

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I'm still reading it/

Growing, always Growing

Francis thought he was to rebuild all the churches, but he was rebuilding and transforming himself. And his faith and outlook grew....a wonderful book!

Michael H. Crosby (1940-2017) was a Capuchin Franciscan whose preaching and writing on contemporary biblical discipleship took him around the world. He authored seventeen books, including Spirituality of the Beatitudes (Orbis, 2005), The Prayer That Jesus Taught Us (Orbis, 2002), Repair My House (Orbis, 2008), and Fruit of the Spirit (Orbis, 2015).

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