St. Francis: A Short Biography

published by Franciscan Media | Trade Paperback | 58 pages
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St. Francis: A Short Biography presents a portrait of the world's most-loved saint as a person who read the Gospels and incorporated them into his life and times, who held convictions that caused him distress, who changed the world through his focus on the challenges of living the Gospel. His work still resonates today, hundreds of years later, with both Christians and non-Christians alike. It presents Francis as a man who lived among men and through it became a saint, rather than a saintly man distanced from others. This 64-page popular introduction moves away from the view of the saint associated with bird baths to focus on the spirit of Franciscanism, the life of St. Francis, and his role for us today. Stock #: B36521

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KATHLEEN M. CARROLL is the author of A Mary Christmas, A Franciscan Christmas, A Catholic Christmas, and Keeping the Faith in Ohio: Words of Hope and Comfort from Our Spiritual Leaders. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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