St Francis and the Christmas Miracle at Greccio

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A heartwarming story that puts Christ back into Christmas. Legend has it the tradition of the Christmas Nativity began in Italy in 1223 when St. Francis of Assisi recreated the Bethlehem scene at Greccio. This enduring story written by Jeffrey Campbell will delight and inspire both young and old. There are over 30 full color illustrations beautifully rendered by Francesca Bianco.

28 pages hardcover gloss laminated first edition 8.5" x 11". This book will be a treasured gift that will be passed on from generation to generation. Let's all join together and do all that we can to bring Christ back into our Christmas Season

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Terrific Picture Book!

As a Secular Franciscan, I am interested in all things Francis, so when I saw this children’s book retelling the legend of the first Christmas créche, or Nativity Scene, I was excited! The story is perfect for reading aloud to younger children (ages 4 - 9) and can be read independently by older children. The illustrations are colorful and evocative. I bought two copies: One to add to a gift basket for our parish school’s fundraiser basket and another to add to my personal library and to share with my fraternity.

Lovely Illustrations but The Text is Off the Mark

This book’s illustrations are perfect. The story is not what I want for my grandchildren. The story is a complete fabrication. It would have been far better to just tell the true story of how Francis got the idea for the crèche and put it together.

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