St. Joseph, My Real Estate Agent (Book and Statue)

Stephen J. Binz — 133 pgs.
Publisher: Servant
ISBN: 9780867166316


Stephen J. Binz is an editor of God's Word Today magazine for Bayard Press in Mystic, Connecticut. He has written several books including The Passion and Resurrection Narratives, The God of Freedom and Life, and Advent of the Savior. He is also a speaker and clinical therapist. He is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature, the Catholic Biblical Association, and the National Association of Social Workers. Stephen lives in Little Rock, Arkansas.


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St. Joseph, My Real Estate Agent (Book and Statue)

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Hundreds of thousands of people, including the author, have sold their homes under the patronage of St. Joseph, whose intercession they sought after burying his statue in their yard. The author takes a personal, humorous, light, and loving look at Joseph, depicting his life as a husband and father, homebuilder, and carpenter. He shows that the popular statue-burying practice is not a superstition, but part of a prayerful devotion. He also provides prayer services for selling a house and blessing a new home.
This kit includes a statue of St. Joseph.

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