Stand Up Girl: Take Charge of Your Unexpected Pregnancy

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Stand Up Girl: Take Charge of Your Unexpected Pregnancy

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If you're dealing with an unexpected pregnancy, there's no doubt about it—your life will change.

You have some significant choices to make, decisions that will affect the rest of your life. Becky Fraser knows just how you feel: As an unmarried, pregnant college student, she once had to sort out her options and come to grips with her future. Her book, loaded with information, will enable you to do the same.

Becky will help you ask the important questions: Do you have the emotional support necessary to face your pregnancy? The financial resources? Where can you get the help you need? How do you tell your parents? What will you do if your boyfriend disappears when you give him the news? What are the facts about abortion and adoption? Is marrying the father a realistic choice?

Most of all, Becky will help you overcome your fear, take control and move ahead, confident that you can stand up and handle the details of this very important time in your life.

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