Surprised by Canon Law:

Pete Vere — Book 125 pgs.
Publisher: Servant ()
ISBN: 9780867166088


PETE VERE, J.C.L., is a lay canon lawyer and freelance writer. He is pursuing a doctorate in canon law at Saint Paul University in Ottawa, Canada. In his spare time he volunteers with the International Order of Alhambra, a Catholic family organization that works with the mentally and developmentally challenged. MICHAEL TRUEMAN, M.Div., J.C.L., completed his license in canon law at Saint Paul University in Ottawa, Canada, after graduating from St. Peter's Seminary in London, Canada. He serves as ecclesiastical judge in the Archdiocese of Detroit and defender of the bond in the Diocese of London. Michael and his wife Cheryl have two children.


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Surprised by Canon Law:

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From time to time, all Catholics have them: nagging questions about church life, often prompted by some personal encounter or challenging situation:

  • Is a layperson allowed to preach a homily?
  • Is a pastor required to report to someone regarding parish finances, or is he on his own?
  • It seems like the parish council is running your parish. Does it have the authority to do so?
  • Must a child be baptized in a church, or may the baptism take place at home?
Surprised by Canon Law tackles these and many other questions, all of which have been formally addressed by the Roman Catholic Church’s Code of Canon Law. The Code—the internal legal system that governs the church’s day-to-day workings—deals with far-flung concerns of interest to the person-in-the-pew. This practical guide to the Code provides answers to a range of questions, from “Can the pope resign?” to the more sensitive query “Do you have the right to tell your bishop what the diocese needs?”

In straightforward language the authors discuss the nuts-and-bolts of church life, making canon law accessible to the everyday Catholic.  A Servant Book.

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