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If at any time you are crushed with guilt and need an antidote to despair, take a moment to meditate on one of the many Scriptures alerting us to trust in God's mercy.—Chapter Four

The mercy of God is mentioned directly in the Bible in more than 400 places. It is mentioned indirectly in hundreds more, from parables to prayers. Too often, though, we fail to acknowledge God's enduring mercy. Sometimes this is because we are confused or depressed; sometimes because we fear our sins have placed us beyond his reach. Father Hampsch tells us, "The world's worst sinner can be forgiven in a fraction of a second by simply saying to the Lord, with true sincerity, 'I'm sorry.'"

No matter what our situation—whether we are feeling burdened by sin, enduring temptation, coping with illness, or struggling with doubt—God's healing love is as near as the air we breathe. With lively stories and inspiring meditations on Scripture, Father Hampsch reveals the good news that God stands by our side, persistently offering his mercy.

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