The Forgiveness of the Lord - Child's Book: A First Reconciliation Preparation Program for Ages 6-8

Gaynell Cronin — 63 pgs.
Publisher: St. Anthony Messenger Press
ISBN: 9780867163544


Gaynell Cronin has spent more than thirty years as a Director of Religious Education and also worked as a pastoral associate.  She frequently presents at Mariandale Retreat Center in Ossining, New York.  Trained at St. Mary’s College, she enhanced her knowledge with studies at Fordham University, Pace University and the Shalem Institute.  She conducts retreats, parish missions and is widely recognized for workshops on family spirituality, storytelling and family ritual.  She is also a much-published author as well as columnist, film-, audio- and video-maker.


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The Forgiveness of the Lord - Child's Book: A First Reconciliation Preparation Program for Ages 6-8

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Gaynell Cronin's best-selling sacramental preparation program, originally published by Ave Maria Press, is now available from St. Anthony Messenger Press. The Forgiveness of the Lord and The Table of the Lord are designed to help parents prepare their young children for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Eucharist.

The basic catechesis is done at home with the support of the parish community and a program director. The director's role is to prepare the parents and to involve the parish community in the sacramental preparation. While the majority of the catechesis is done in the home, both programs are enriched by group meetings which introduce the parents to their task and by community gatherings for the reception of the sacraments.

The Child’s Book consists of three unit lessons on Welcoming, Confessing and Healing. Each unit revolves around a specific action, a scripture story illustrating that action, and the rites of the reconciliation celebration. The Child's Book also includes sections with prayers, ways to grow in love and certificates that truly invite parents and children to participate. 64 pages. Photos and four-color illustrations.

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