The Many Faces of Fear: Exploring the Roots of Religious Fear DVD Video

Ronald Rolheiser — Video
Publisher: Franciscan Media
ISBN: 9781632531063


Ronald Rolheiser is a Roman Catholic priest and member of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate. In addition to being a popular speaker and writer, his books are popular throughout the world and his weekly column is carried by more than seventy newspapers worldwide. He is president of the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, Texas. Rolheiser is among the most popular and inclusive spiritual writers today. Although rooted in the Catholic faith, he is able to transcend denominational boundaries and religious language to appeal to both practicing Christians and unaffiliated seekers.


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The Many Faces of Fear: Exploring the Roots of Religious Fear

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All of us live with religious fears, fears about God, about life, and about our eternal destiny. What are the origins of those fears? Are they healthy, a sign of faith, or are they unhealthy, a sign of neuroses and timidity? Should we be preaching more fear in our churches or are people staying away because we have already preached unhealthy fear? These talks will examine the origins and the complexities of religious fear and, after giving it its proper due, will examine some biblical principles that invite us to live with less fear.

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