The Prayer of Saint Francis: A Message of Peace for the World Today

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"Lord, Make me an instrument of your peace . . ." This famous prayer has traveled the globe, winning hearts with its simple witness to the power of unconditional love: of God for us, and ideally of each of us for one another. These moving reflections not only bring us the promise of eternal life but offer the basis for social peace and the redemption of the world.

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The Prayer of St Francis

Very inspiring

needed time to review but I am sure it will be a 5!!!!!!!!

Hi - I have not read the book as I am currently reading "The Humility of God" a required read for my Spiritual Direction classes. I am trying to slowly build a spiritual library- but I just found out we have a whole new list of books we are to read as our second year starts in Jan. Last Friday evening we had the guest speaker Robert Elsburg. I am so touched I don't have words - I have been through some very spiritual encounters and nothing- I mean nothing prepared me for his talk about Dorothy Day. I think my very soul has been touched. Twice I encountered satan outside our Blessed Sacrament chapel and Fr. Prince had to explain to me that he is real and that it was Christ himself that protected me and brought me into our Daily Chapel the second time. Being a convert 7 years ago and now well into my 70's I was at a total loss as to what was happening. But making a long story short - after entering the Chapel and sitting there until I felt safe to leave i had a voice asking me to come and share a meal. I thought of my sister and friend who lives around the corner from our Parish- I have to admit I was hungry to not knowing how long I had sat there I went and bought her favorite Chinese meal and w spent a nice afternoon together.. I went to my Paster to get an explanation of what was happening- he just said that satan is real and the closer our relationship to Christ the more he wants to "take me down" . But He was more interested when I told him what I did about serving a meal with my friend. He just looked at me for a few minutes and just said I think you may need to discern what this really may mean. He said I may be being called directly to serve the Eucharist. I was shocked and I wasn't sure I believed him. All the years at ICC I had never seen anyone else on the Alter except the same people. I really couldn't get "my head around this.I talked with a dear sister and friend and she wasn't sure either-
so I just kept praying about it. Finally I asked her who ...

Leonardo Boff has been awarded the 2001 Right Livelihood prize for his work in Brazil.

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