The Promise: God's Purpose and Plan for When Life Hurts Audio Book Compact Disk Audio

Jonathan Morris — Audio Book
Run Time: 431 minutes

Publisher: Servant (2009)
ISBN: 9780867169324


FATHER JONATHAN MORRIS is a regular contributor to the Fox News Channel. Prior to Fox, he served as an adviser to the producers of the film "The Passion of the Christ" and advised in promotion and pre-release marketing for the film. Father Jonathan received his bachelor's degree in business administration as well as separate degrees in classical humanities, philosophy and theology from the Franciscan University and the University of San Jose. He has also received a licentiate degree in moral theology at Regina Apostolorum Pontifical Univesity in Rome, where he is currently a doctoral candidate.


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The Promise: God's Purpose and Plan for When Life Hurts Audio Book

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Fr. Morris explores the reality of human suffering and how some use its occasion to question who is God, who am I, what is it all about, how do I make sense of life in the midst of pain and hardship. While some may reject God in response to these inquiries, not satisfied and without answers, others, like Fr. Jonathan, find an affirmation of divine companionship and even a life direction and purpose that can flow from the suffering we all share. Fr. Jonathan shares five principles which, when applied, transform otherwise seemingly useless suffering into a means of great sanctification and personal fulfillment.

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