The Rosary: Keeping Company With Jesus and Mary

Karen Edmisten — 86 pgs.
Publisher: Servant
ISBN: 9780867168754


KAREN EDMISTEN is a freelance writer and popular blogger whose work has appeared in numerous Catholic magazines. She lives with her husband and three daughters in Nebraska. Find her online at


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The Rosary: Keeping Company With Jesus and Mary

$ 8.99

“An ancient and beautiful prayer, rich in layers, pregnant with possibilities, and abundantly overflowing with the means to draw us closer to Jesus.”—From Chapter One

Whether you love the rosary or struggle to understand its appeal, Karen Edmisten will help you enter more fully into its mystery. She offers here an encouraging guide that will enable you to leave behind the distractions and time constraints of daily life, the temptations to rote repetition, and allow you to find yourself, through the rosary, in the presence of Jesus and his Mother.

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