To Be Like Jesus: Inspiration From the Gospel of Luke

Ann Shields, S.G.L. — Book 130 pgs.
Publisher: Servant (2010)
ISBN: 9780867169515


SISTER ANN SHIELDS, S.G.L., is an internationally known evangelist and the host of the daily evangelistic and inspirational radio program Food for the Journey. She is the author of several books, including Deeper Conversion: Extraordinary Grace for Ordinary Times, Pray and Never Lose Heart and Fire in My Heart. Sister Ann is a member of the Servants of God’s Love, a charismatic religious community based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


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To Be Like Jesus: Inspiration From the Gospel of Luke

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God's plan for your life is not as mysterious or unknowable as you might think. As Sister Ann Shields demonstrates in her probing reflections on the Gospel of Luke, the key to knowing what God is asking of you is to discover, first, who God is. If you are willing to spend time daily in his presence, ruminating on his word as it comes to you in Scripture, he will reveal himself and help you make the choices that conform to his will for your life. To Be Like Jesus will enable you to distinguish God's voice from the voices, noise and distractions of the world. As you let his word soak into your soul, you'll find there the power to surrender to him and play your part in building his kingdom.

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