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Often when individuals experience an inner conversion after some years into a committed relationship, the partner is threatened by the spouse who appears on the brink of changing into a religious fanatic. A sense of mystery also troubles the one who is experiencing the divine call. A mingling of sadness and joy produces uncertainty. Questions arise like: Why me? What have I done? What do I do now? Where is this leading me? How will my relationship with God affect my spouse and family? I wrote this book for persons seeking answers to these important questions. —From the Introduction

You attend church on Sunday while your husband golfs. You want to join a weekly small faith-sharing group, but your wife wants you to spend time with her. You want to talk about a great spiritual book you've read, but you cannot engage your spouse in discussion. During a family crisis, you want to pray with your spouse, but your spouse doesn't know how to pray. What's a spouse to do?

Donna Erickson Couch, herself a veteran of such situations, offers spiritual guidance to help us keep our quest for a deeper understanding and richer experience of God from threatening the peace in our marriages and homes. With practical suggestions on how to compromise on expressions of faith, resolve schedule conflicts and talk about the issues that separate you and your spouse, Together But Alone is a valuable resource for married men and women on their journey of faith.

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