Uncommon Gratitude: Alleluia for All That Is audio book Compact Disk Audio

Joan D. Chittister — Audio Book
Publisher: St. Anthony Messenger Press
ISBN: 9781616360061


JOAN CHITTISTER, O.S.B., is a Benedictine sister and international lecturer who has been a leading voice in spirituality for more than thirty years. She is the author of many books, including The Breath of the Soul: Reflections on Prayer and The Gift of Years: Growing Older Gracefully.

ROWAN WILLIAMS, Archbishop of Canterbury, is acknowledged internationally as an outstanding writer, scholar, and teacher. His books include Tokens of Trust: An Introduction to Christian Belief and Where God Happens: Discovering Christ in One Another.


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Uncommon Gratitude: Alleluia for All That Is audio book

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We lurch through life between doubt and faith, between security and cloying uncertainty, between the enrichment that comes from differences and the divisions that come from fear. It is learning to cling to a sense of alleluia for both that carries us through life to that moment when everything in us has come to fullness and our only next step is immersion in God.—from the Introduction

This series of reflections reveals the importance of gratitude in helping us see beyond the immediate to a broader and deeper reality. The discovery of this perpetual alleluia will help you discover what you are, become who you are, and grow with gratitude into the unknown.

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