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The book of Revelation—you might find it fascinating, you might find it incomprehensible, but either way you probably don't think it has much to say about everyday Christian life. A beast with seven heads, locusts with human faces, Death on a pale horse—what could any of this possibly have to do with whether or not you gossip about your colleagues or cheat on your taxes?

Everything, according to Father Richard Veras. The symbolic language of Revelation underscores such foundational truths as God's inescapable presence—"there is no time, place or situation in which he is not"—to the fact that "the army of the beast is not made up of aliens; it is made up of hardened human hearts."

Father Veras's lively exploration of this apocalyptic book will help you understand the ongoing spiritual battle for humanity and the choices you need to make now in order to stand victorious with Jesus at the end of time.

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