Walking with Francis of Assisi: From Privilege to Activism

published by Franciscan Media | Trade Paperback | 160 pages
$ 16.99
From a pilgrimage through the streets of Assisi to contemplative walks on the beaches near his home, Bruce Epperly has pondered the questions of privilege, prayer, and social justice while walking with the teachings of Francis of Assisi.    Stock #: B53331

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Customer Reviews

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Worth reading

I haven’t finished the book yet. It’s one I have to take in and absorb slowly. It’s both challenging and enlightening and well worth reading.

Walking With Francis Of Assisi From Privilege to Activism

The book is very well written and certainly applies to today’s times. It is a book that every Christian should read. It supports and clearly defines what it really means to be follower of Jesus.

Passion of Christ

I wish to thank you for the book and will tell you of story I haven’t shared.
Just recently I was watching the Movie “ The Passion of Christ “ which has become a traditional Easter Duty. I have never watched it without gaining a deeper insight each viewing !

As I witnessed the Roman Soldiers exhausted and enjoying beating Jesus ! They fully didn’t understand that Jesus had already achieved victory over them as an euphony hit me !

I realized that I was at the same time watching the last 9 minutes of George Floyd’s life as he lay there without fighting back . the beating of Christ! by a frustrated Roman I saw a frustrated law enforcement officer gleefully torment another human being who he despised as a Criminal and forgot his humanity as the Roman enforcers thought of Jesus !

As it was hard to view the flogging of Jesus in the film by Mel Gibson who as its Director fully wished to capture and shock his audience of the pain suffered by Christ. So should all people now be made to watch the last minutes George Floyd life being taken and see his humanity being denied as we deny our own humanity! For didn’t Christ show us that we are all without sin and we all are Criminals seeking to repent !

Isn’t this why Jesus suffered ? So that we are allowed forgiveness! Forgiveness comes with recognition of humanity and that we can gain that with repentance

Walking with Francis

Well worth reading.


Author seems to be still living a life of privilege not following St Francis

Rev. Dr. Bruce G. Epperly has served as a congregational pastor, university chaplain, professor, and seminary administrator for over forty years. He is currently Senior Pastor of South Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, Centerville, Massachusetts. He is the author of more than fifty books on practical theology, ministry, and spirituality, healing and wholeness, and process theology, including The Mystic in You: Discovering a God-filled World, the award-winning Tending to the Holy: The Practice of the Presence of God in Ministry, and Mystics in Action: Twelve Saints for Today. He lives on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, with his wife Rev. Dr. Katherine Gould Epperly, his son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren.

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ISBN:  9781632533319

Publication Date:  1/12/2021

BISAC:  RELIGION / Christian Living / Social Issues

Imprint:  Franciscan Media

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