When We Were Eve: Uncovering the Woman God Created You to Be

published by Franciscan Media | Trade Paperback | 192 pages
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In When We Were Eve, Colleen Mitchell draws on the creation story in Genesis to show women God’s gracious plan for their whole being: body and soul in harmony with themselves, others, creation and their Creator. Through her own story and those of other women, she explores the many ways women struggle with their bodies and the way a biblical understanding of what it means to be a woman can bring them peace and joy. Stock #: B53212

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Mary Anne Matarese

Did not read. it was a gift.

Judith A. Smith

I haven’t read it yet. It is for a book study in March.

Maryann Kramer

Sorry, they were gifts and I have not received any feedback from recipient.

JoAnne Doremus

I received my books quickly and am thrilled! Quality and selection is excellent!

Sharon K. Hall
The author truly gets to the heart of many of us women's lives and struggles

The writing about Eve in Eden and also God's working on molding Mary and a new story for us through the birth of Jesus, God Incarnate, is so profound to me. The author manages to include so many things which are contemporary in women's lives today but this language particularly resonated with me, page 60, "And the truth is, there are those who would vilify the nakesness of our need and our attempts to meet it--who would judge us for the choices we make in caring for ourselves and declare them all wrong, not spiritual enough, too medicalized, too selfish, silly, or any other manner of things that would make it seem easier for us to put our fig leaves of shame back on and make our way into the bushes to hide our nakedness." I am purchasing two more copies--one to mail to my daughter and for a friend who has gone through a lot too. I deeply am appreciative and thankful to Colleen C. Mitchell for writing this book and sharing her wisdom, experiences and all the theology in it and for Franciscan Media for publishing it.

Colleen Connell Mitchell is a bringer-upper-of-boys and wanna-be saint who packs a little Louisiana spice with her wherever she goes. She currently serves at-risk families in her job as a social worker in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and spends copious hours on football and soccer fields yelling more loudly than all the other moms. She finds joy in the Word, the world, and the wild wonder of everyday life. 

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