Already There: Letting God Find You

published by Franciscan Media | Trade Paperback | 151 pages
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If you are young (or young only in heart!) and attempting to discover who you are meant to be, Fr. Mark Mossa can help you find the ways God is already in your life. Mossa provides an honest and entertaining account of how he, as a younger adult, now a Jesuit priest, attempts to find God's will for his life. We need only take some time to reflect on our experience—and that is what Mark Mossa helps us to do—and we'll see that God has already been trying to communicate with us in unexpected and surprising ways.The audio edition of this book can be downloaded via Audible. Stock #: B16765

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Already there

The book “already there” Letting God Find You was a very compelling book go me.
The fact that God is already there gave me such a warm felling. I have been morning the death of my husband of 60 years. I have not had the energy to look for God. I kept listening for his voice, but couldn’t hear it. It is so comforting to know that no matter your situation that God is already there. Just waiting to hold you and love you no matter what.

James Fulton
Very timely content

A well written, reassuring book regarding God's hunger to dwell with his children.

Patricia Jackson

Very good book! I read it slowly, bit by bit,as that is best for me!
I highly recomment it!!!

William Hickey
Loved the book

an intimated discussion drawing on the authors personal experiences. That intimacy made it all work rather than a dry theological book.

David Nordan
A must read!

We have been told that humans have a desire for God and search for God. Fr. Mossa tells us that God has a desire for us. That God loves us. Fr. Mossa puts into clearly written words that God loves us (although we may not believe it) and that God has always been with us if we only look back into our life experiences. What a comfort, because he can be assured that God will continue to be us.

MARK MOSSA, S.J., spent his early adult years trying to figure out where God wanted him. At 27 he finally realized he was already there. Two years later he became a Jesuit and now he finds himself a priest. In the process, he learned a few things, much of it from his ministry with youth and young adults in the northeast and southern United States. The rest he learned through movies, music, poetry, prayer, and from the many amazing people he has had the privilege to serve and live with, before and after his “leap” to Jesuit life. He currently studies and teaches theology at Fordham University in the Bronx, and occasionally updates his blog, “GODsTALKed: Pursuits of a Hyphenated Priest.”

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